Overview of Operation and Management of Parking Facilities

Our Vision:

To become a leading parking facilities operation and management company in China through firm commitment in the parking industry and enhanced investment in parking facilities.

Our Advantages:

Leading market layout: Secure quality projects in first and second-tier cities by capitalizing on government resources and shareholder strength

Efficient capital operation: Utilize the capital operation of funds to capitalize the projects and improve capital circulation efficiency and asset value

Effective operation: Enhance intelligent operation of parking lots, lower costs, increase incomes and improve management

Project Introduction

Parking Lot of Beijing’s New Airport

Jingjinji Region

In July 2016, an alliance led by the Company won the fierce bidding war to build and operate a parking lot at Beijing’s new airport against more than 60 first-rate companies, with the highest scores in business and technology. The parking lot is the first of its kind for franchised operation. It is designed to have 4,200 parking spaces, 630 electric vehicle charging stations, and 10,000m2 of commercial and office properties. The Company is committed to developing an innovative parking lot featuring precise, intelligent and intensive services. In June 2019, the Company successfully entered into agreements for the taxi parking lot in Beijing Daxing International Airport, assuming all operating rights of the parking facilities in Beijing Daxing International Airport. With location advantage, strong momentum and demonstrative effect, the parking lot is expected to become a platform for Shougang to display advanced technologies to the world.

China-Japan Friendship Hospital

Jingjinji Region

The parking lot of China-Japan Friendship Hospital boasts large traffic flow, high percentage of temporary parking, high turnover rate of parking spaces, high parking fees, ample cash flow, and strong profitability. The Company operates 786 parking spaces in the hospital, contributing to stable income and business expansion.

Beijing Railway Station

Jingjinji Region

The heavy visitor traffic at the Beijing Railway Station drives up parking demand, turnover rate and parking fees, generating high cash flow and profit for the Company. The parking lot is ready for a revamp into a parking building, and can improve the Company’s intelligent operation after being put into use.

Wangjing Hospital

Jingjinji Region

Wangjing Hospital is a first-class hospital with high flow of customers and heavy traffic where parking lots are in high demand.

Beijing Chongwenmen New World Department Store

Jingjinji Region

The project is located in Chongwenmen Business Circle, Dongcheng District, Beijing, adjacent to Chongwenmen Station of Line 2 and Line 5 of Beijing Metro. Chongwenmen Commercial Circle is one of the most prosperous business circles in Beijing. It is surrounded by Wangfujing Commercial District, Yinjie Shopping District and the Temple of Heaven Tourist Area. The traffic volume is large and stable. It is a major breakthrough of the company’s parking business in the commercial office building.

Beijing Shuangqiao Julehui

Jingjinji Region

Julehui Commercial District is a key community commercial project in Shuangqiao Area of Chaoyang District. It has a commercial area of 52,000 square meters and several roads converge here. Surrounded by primary schools and kindergartens, there is strong parking demand. It is the company’s first commercial office building project which possesses strategic significance.

Beijing Xicheng District Lianhua Hutong Stereo Garage

Jingjinji Region

The Lianhua Hutong in Caixi Street, Xicheng District, Beijing is located in the heart of Beijing City. It is surrounded by a large number of medium and high-end commercial office buildings and well-developed communities. With concentrated population, stable parking demand with inelastic attitude towards price fluctuation, and serious shortage of supply of parking facilities. The Lianhua Hutong Stereo Garage is a typical case that comprehensively combines the concept of urban darning and function of old Hutong area. It is also a typical case of using Stereo parking facility to solve the parking demand in a narrow space with both the social and economic benefits. Lianhua Hutong Stereo Garage will fill the gap in the field of operational mechanical stereo parking facilities, develop the company’s comprehensive capabilities in planning, construction, operation and management, and uplift the professional level of the company in the field of static transportation.

Roadside Parking Electric Billing Project in Yanqing District, Beijing

Jingjinji Region

In order to improve parking services and the city’s image to welcome the Horticultural Expo 2019 and the Olympic Winter Games 2022, the Yanqing district government selected five streets for the pilot reform of roadside parking electric billing. The Company won the bid for the project in March 2018. Beijing has a large roadside parking market, and the project will produce a demonstrative effect.

Beijing CBD Dongshe

Jingjinji Region

CBD Dongshe is located in the central business district of Beijing, where there are commercial buildings, office buildings and residential buildings, surrounded by hospitals, industrial parks, supermarkets and residential areas, is in high demand of parking lots and will provide good income for the Company.

Beijing Desheng Street Shared Parking Information Platform

Jingjinji Region

In June 2017, Shouzhong Investment and the Desheng Street Office of Xicheng District People’s Government signed an agreement on joint construction of a parking demonstrative area, and jointly developed the “Desheng Shared Parking” APP, with the aim to reduce parking difficulties in the densely populated areas. Upholding the principle of “staggered appointment, precise sharing”, the shared parking platform is designed to promote digital management of Desheng Street, maximize the utilization of existing parking spaces, and realize staggered parking. Shared parking is conducive to both parking lot managers and parking space owners, brings win-win outcomes for society, enterprises and individuals, and promotes the sustainable development of urban transportation to improve the city’s image.

Tangshan Smart City Static Transportation Investment Operation Platform

Jingjinji Region

On June 8, 2018, the Company partnered with Tangshan City Investment to establish Tangshan Smart City Static Transportation Industry Development Co., Ltd. to develop the static transportation market in Tangshan.Tangshan is located in the eastern part of Hebei Province, where there are over 2 million motor vehicles, the third most in the province. According to estimates based on relevant research data, Tangshan still needs more than 40,000 parking spaces and public parking spaces are in acute shortage, especially along the main road sections, major public hospitals and transport hubs.The joint venture has teamed up with many quality projects in the city, which will provide a strong impetus for the Company’s development in the parking industry.

>> One of the representative projects could be Tangshan Railway Station.

Tangshan Railway Station is located at No. 160 Xinhua West Road, Lubei District, Tangshan City. It was completed and put into use in April 2016.
The daily average passenger flow is 50,000 passengers, with concentrated traffic flow, large traffic volume, and insufficient planned parking space utilization rate. The company will improve its internal parking environment, improve the surrounding traffic order and build it as a benchmark project to enhance the brand influence of Tangshan Smart City Static Transportation Industry Development Co., Ltd. in the Tangshan market and promote the comprehensive expansion of the business to other types of parking in Tangshan City through operational improvement.

P1 Parking Lot of Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport

Yangtze River Delta Region

The Company is licensed to operate 1,224 parking spaces in the P1 parking lot of Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport. As a platform to display the Company’s intelligent parking services to the world, the airport, along with Beijing’s new airport, helps the Company achieve scale effects and brand synergy. The airport is well-located to boost the parking project’s role as a demonstrative platform. Through the project, the Company has expanded into the Shanghai parking market.

Franchise Project of Public Parking Lot of Qinhuai District in Nanjing

Yangtze River Delta Region

As of May 2019, the Group successfully won the bid for the franchise project of public parking lot of Qinhuai District in Nanjing. This project is another city-level parking project following the bid of parking business in Tangshan by the Group in 2018.

Public Parking Lot in Chengdu Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone

Western Region

Thanks to state policies, Chengdu has seen rapid economic development and will become a transport hub in the west, and these factors will produce a vibrant parking market in the city. The Company managed to tap into the southwest market via the public parking project in Chengdu Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone. Given Chengdu’s key role in the Chengdu-Chongqing City Cluster, the business district is expected to see a 10-20% growth in land value. Located in the central business district of the Tianfu New Area, the project expects revenue growth and asset appreciation in the future to be driven by heavy visitors traffic in neighboring shopping malls, office buildings, Metro Line 1, and Tianfu Avenue.

Chengdu Xibuzhigu Park

Western Region

Xibuzhigu Park is a high-tech park and a national technology business incubator which is a key strategy of the Wuhou district government in Chengdu to realize the industrial transformation. All administrative centers of the Wuhou district government are located here and the industrial agglomeration degree is very high, demonstrating the government’s strong support. The main roads and metro surrounding and supportive facilities such as commercial buildings, residential buildings and public service facilities is under construction in good progress, which will stimulate the growth of passengers’ flow and traffic flow. Xibuzhigu Park. Xibuzhigu Park is display window of the local government.

Guiyang Longdongbao International Airport

Western Region

Guiyang Longdongbao International Airport is an essential aviation hub in Western China whose passenger throughput is expected to reach 20 million. Following the successful obtainment of the Beijing Daxing International Airport and Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport, the Company has successfully acquired the operation right of carparks of large airports again, realizing the large-scale expansion of the parking resources and the administrative scope in airport parking of the Company, which benefits sharing of resources and enhance the Company’s brand value.